Life of Zarf

Social Ladder at Cotswin Middle School

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Fractured fairy tales meet modern day middle school in book two of this funny series for 8 to 12-year-old fans of Shrek and Timmy Failure.

It's not easy being Zarf. As a troll, he's stuck at the bottom of the middle school hierarchy, way below the prince and knights (populars), ogres and giants (jocks), and even the lowly minstrels (band geeks). Plus, trolls aren't exactly known for their brain power or cool demeanor. But it gets worse. When the king disappears and Zarf's archenemy, the prince, ascends the throne, he makes Zarf's life even more miserable. And so it is that Zarf and his two sidekicks (a neurotic, mutton-obsessed pig and the not-funny son of the court jester) set out to find the missing king as well as their way to middle school heroism. (Okay, the heroism part might be wishful thinking.)

Award-winning comic creator Rob Harrell has middle-grade humor mastered. His Life of Zarf series is packed with even more witty one-liners and clever twists on classic folk and fairytales, perfect for middle school readers looking for their next hilarious obsession.

Praise for Life of Zarf: The Trouble with Weasels

"Entertainingly goofy. A promising series kickoff full of off-kilter action and humor." —Publishers Weekly

"A Wimpy Kid format with a fairy-tale twist? Yes, this is bound to be a hit." —Booklist

Cotswin Middle School Moments...

Meet the Characters



Furry by nature

Voted most likely to fall unnoticed from the bottom rung of the social ladder.



The mutton-obsessed worry-wart son of one of the famous little pigs

Voted most likely to have a panic attack after misplacing his bottle of Purell.



The painfully un-funny son of the kingdom's celebrated court jesters

Voted most likely to put an audience into a deep bad-joke-related coma.

Prince Roquefort

Prince Roquefort

The profoundly unlikeable royal offspring

Voted most likely to vote himself most popular.


Zarf's Tips for Surviving Cotswin Middle School

Rob Harrell writes and draws the long-running daily comic strip Adam@Home, which appears in more than 140 papers worldwide. He also created and drew the internationally syndicated comic strip Big Top until 2007. Rob recently published his first all-ages graphic novel, Monster on the Hill, which Kirkus called a "deliciously cinematic...indie charmer" in a starred review. He lives with his wife in Austin, Texas.